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Pain in right side of abdomen causes

Pain in right side of abdomen should be noticeable. This pain can be the serious alarm that some organ disorders happen inside your body. Find more about it here.

pain in right side of abdomen

Pain on right side of abdomen can be the alarm that something wrong happen inside your body. There are many vital organs that you should consider around your abdominal area. There are appendix, liver, colon and pancreas. That is why if you feel pain in right side of abdomen can be some disorders happen to your organs around your abdominal area. The most common reason of this abdominal pain is because you have food poisoning or food intolerance. This stomachache usually happens about an hour after you finish your meal. This can happen because there is certain food that cannot be taken by your stomach or intestine that is why you feel pain as the rejection reaction.

Pain right side abdomen that you feel can be stomach ulcer. The symptoms of this pain include vomiting, chest pain, heartburn and you also feel burning pain. If you think this pain should not be worried about, it’s not true completely. In severe level, the person who has this pain in right side of abdomen can vomit blood and that is very serious. Never try to take some medicine without consulting to the doctors first as that can be dangerous, especially for the organs inside your body. Another reason of why you get stomachache can be from the bad combining foods that you consume. This can happen especially for the people who do some diet programs. The foods cannot digest well so you feel pain in your abdominal area.

What other common reasons of pain in right side of abdomen?

Sharp pain right side abdomen can be the sign of appendicitis attack. This pain happen as there is an inflammation of your appendix. The symptoms of appendicitis attack include abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting and fever. The fever that you feel is the sign that the infection has occurred inside your body.

When pain in right side of abdomen you feel is appendicitis attack, you should see the doctor to arrange the schedule for your surgery. If you don’t take the surgery immediately, it can damage your organ inside your body.

pain on right side of abdomenFast action is really needed to overcome this pain. Another sharp pain in right side of abdomen can be colon cancer. The symptoms of this pain are almost the same with other diseases such as, appendicitis attack. You can have fever, vomiting and also diarrhea. When you find blood in the stool, it is very serious. Get the treatment and cure right away.

Pain in upper right side of abdomen is usually felt by pregnant women. This pain cannot be ignored. The immediate action should be taken as if you don’t do that you will be regretted. This pain can be the trigger of miscarriage. Other symptoms of this pain include nausea, vomit, cramps, dizziness and fever. Seeing the doctors to get the best treatment is the best way when you have this problem. Never take the pain you feel very easy as this can be the signs of serious diseases, including when you feel pain in right side of abdomen.

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